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Ultra-Low Power 16 Bits Microcotroller
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Ultra-Low Power 16 Bits Microcotroller

Cập nhật: 28/02/2012
Mã hàng: Texas Instrument
Xuất xứ: Hãng US
Chủng loại:
Đóng Gói:
Đơn vị tính:
Còn hàng:
Khuyến mãi: Giá chỉ từ 7000VND

Software Tools


Development Resources are software applications designed to maximize a programmer's productivity by providing easy-to-use editors, compilers and debuggers.

This section of the site includes:

  • Integrated Development
  • Wireless Protocols
  • Environments (IDE)

Embedded Software is "built in" to the electronics and typically written for specific functions. This can be done by using various operating systems.

This section of the site includes:

  • Code examples
  • Function library
  • RF stacks
  • Real-time operating systems (RTOS)

    Embedded diagram

Hardware consists of an array of boards ranging from "eZ" to full-blown user experience. Depending on the user's needs, the list of hardware products has several features to help move forward to production.

This section of the site includes:

  • eZ430 Development Tools
  • Starter Kits: Programmer + Target Board + IDE
  • Experimenter Boards
  • Debugging and Programming Tools
  • Production Programmers