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USB 2.0 High Speed PHY for 28 - 180nm Processes
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USB 2.0 High Speed PHY for 28 - 180nm Processes

Cập nhật: 27/02/2012
Mã hàng: IP Cores USB Controller USB 2.0 PHY
Xuất xứ: Poland
Chủng loại: IP Cores
Đóng Gói:
Đơn vị tính: License
Còn hàng:
Khuyến mãi:


 The USBHS-PHY is a complete mixed-signal transceiver macro-cell that implements the USB 2.0 Physical Layer for Host and Device applications.


* Highlights


  • Compliant with UTMI+ specification
  • Support for USB Hi-Speed, Full-Speed and Low-Speed data rates
  • 8-bit and optional 16-bit parallel UTMI interface
  • Scan-based DFT and loop back
  • 3.3V±10% analog supply and 1.8V±10% digital core supply
  • Built-in Self Test


* Target Technology


The USBHS-PHY is portable to any technology node from 28 to 180nm. Please contact us to find our more about availability of a specific technology node.



* Deliverables


  • Design files kit
  • Extensive documentation
  • 30 days of technical support
  • 90 days of warranty against defects