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The World's Smallest 8051 MCU IP Core
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The World's Smallest 8051 MCU IP Core

Cập nhật: 24/02/2012
Mã hàng: IP Cores 8051 Platform - Tiny 8051
Xuất xứ: Poland
Chủng loại: IP Cores
Đóng Gói:
Đơn vị tính: License
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 *Highlights & Benefits

  • The smallest 8051 IP core in the market
  • External Memory Interface that addresses up to 64 kB of external Program and Data Memory
  • Power Management Unit with power-down modes (IDLE/STOP)
  • Native On-Chip Debug Support (OCDS) interface
  • 80C51-like Timer 0
  • The lowest gate count 8051-compliant architecture
  • Low power consumption
  • Relatively high performance
  • Complete debugging solution compatible with other Evatronix 8051 products
  • Removal of selected components available for even lower gate count
  • On-demand customization

* Configurability


  • User can manually replace selected peripherals and/or OCDS block with provided dummy replacements.

* Applications


  • Mixed-signal systems
  • Low-speed and low-power control systems
  • Small FPGA-based systems





  • VHDL/Verilog source code 
  • Synthesis support for Synopsys® and Cadence® tools with a set of synthesis scripts 
  • Simulation support for Mentor Graphics® and Cadence® tools with a set of scripts and macros 
  • Extensive VHDL/Verilog 2001 test bench 
  • Documentation
  • 30 days of technical support 
  • 90 days of warranty against defects
Delivery Options
  • EDIF netlist for FPGA and low volume production 
  • EASE-8051 - a complete application debugging solution
  • Evaluation system for proprietary EB5-Tinyboard
  • One-year maintenance 
  • On-site support and training