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R80251XC - 32-bit 8051-compatible Powerhouse
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R80251XC - 32-bit 8051-compatible Powerhouse

Cập nhật: 23/02/2012
Mã hàng: IP Cores 8051 Platform - R80251XC
Xuất xứ: Poland
Chủng loại: IP Cores
Đóng Gói:
Đơn vị tính: License
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The R80251XC is a fast, configurable, single-chip internally 32-bit microcontroller IP core compatible to the MCS 251 and MCS 51 instruction set. 

* Highlighs & Benefits

  • Ultra high performance 8051 compatible 32-bit microcontroller IP core
  • External Memory Interface that addresses up to 16 MB of Program and Data Memory
  • Power Management Unit with power-down modes (IDLE/STOP)
  • Native On-Chip Debug Support (OCDS) interface
  • The highest performing 8051-compatible microcontroller IP on the market
  • Extensive configurability options
  • Alternate port functions are separated, providing extra port pins
  • KEIL™-compatible, complete application debugging environment

 * Configurability

  • Number of  8-bit I/O ports
  • Number of 16-bit timers
  • Programmable Counter Array implementation
  • Number or serial ports
  • Implementation of Watchdog timer
  • Number of I2C master-slave interfaces
  • SPI master-slave interface support
  • On-chip Debug Support (OCDS)
  • Number of hardware breakpoints: 2 to 8 (for OCDS)
  • Program trace (for OCDS)
  • Data & program trace (for OCDS)
  • Software Reset
  • Real Time Clock


 The core can be delivered as either pre-configured version (I or T) or fully configurable source code.

  • R80251XC-I – downward-configurable, predefined configuration with peripheral set and timing compatibility exactly as in the Intel 80C251. The design includes: 3 Timers, PCA, Serial port, 4 Parallel Ports, 2 External Interrupts and a Watchdog Timer
  • R80251XC-T – downward-configurable, predefined configuration with enhanced performance and peripheral set including: 3 Timers, PCA, Serial port, 4 Parallel Ports, 2 External Interrupts and a Watchdog Timer
  • R80251XC-IF – fixed (pre-configured) version derived from the R80251XC-I
  • R80251XC-TF – fixed (pre-configured) version derived from the R80251XC-T
  • R80251XC – fully customer configurable version, all peripherals included

 * Applications

  • 32-bit data processing applications
  • High speed control systems
  • Mixed-signal SoC control



  • VHDL/Verilog source code 
  • Synthesis support for Synopsys® and Cadence® tools with a set of synthesis scripts 
  • Simulation support for Mentor Graphics® and Cadence® tools with a set of scripts and macros 
  • Extensive VHDL/Verilog 2001 test bench 
  • Documentation
  • Configuration tool (only for the configurable versions of the R80251XC
  • 30 days of technical support 
  • 90 days of warranty against defects

Delivery Options
  • EDIF netlist for FPGA and low volume production 
  • EASE-8051 - a complete application debugging solution 
  • One-year maintenance 
  • On-site support and training